Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Five Easy Tricks To Peel Your Garlic Clove

Garlic is a super food which brings immense taste to the dish and as well boosts good health. The health benefits in garlic are immense and so people use them almost in every dish. However, the main problem is to peel them. In these busy scheduled days, it is not that easy to tackle them as peeling the garlic is really a hectic process. When we don’t have enough time, this peeling work will really bother us and irritate every fresh mornings and of course any part of the day.

Here are the few simple ways which are tried by most of the people and are successful. Just remember them and you will be happily cooking 

Trick 1

Start the peeling process by removing one clove from garlic. Then cut it into half through peel. By doing this, your clove will easily come through the peel. If you feel the other half of the clove is rigid and not coming, then you may cut the head of the clove and now you can slice them of your required size.

Trick 2

If you have a micro wave at your house, then you are the lucky one as the cloves can be kept in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Then it will be very easy to peel any number of cloves with ease.

Trick 3

You may place the cloves in the hot water and leave them there for few minutes. If you want to them to be raw place them in the cool water immediately so that they won’t get cooked. And here peeling the skin will be very easier once you take from the hot water.

Trick 4

This is the old traditional methods, it is when you find that your garlic cloves are long enough, and then you can take one and twist it. By doing so you may here the paper on it gets toured and this gives a way to peel the clove easily.

Trick 5

The other easier trick is keep the garlic cloves detaching from the root and then shake them vigorously for 2 minutes. This way you may easily peel the garlic.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fast Way For The Garlic Peelers

The unpleasantness of the Garlic skin now and again, chafes a considerable measure and individual’s searches for some kind of simple and propelled strategy which may demonstrate a simple approach to peel Garlic Cloves. Cooks who requires peeling the garlic quickly uses the peeling technique or some sort of peeler devices. The Garlic Peeler is an innovative thought that peels the garlic cloves easily and all the more adequately. Numerous individuals consider the peeling the garlic strategy with hands and with the assistance of knife entirely tedious and more awful, however the usage of the Garlic Peeler make the entire procedure safe and brief. The Garlic Peeler is referred to be as the most effective kitchen asset that is having the enchantment of wiping out the skin totally of the Garlic inside of a few moments, instead of influencing any cloves. The assignment of the technique is done in a manner that your life will turn out to be more agreeable and less demanding. The cost is truly sensible that gives durable advantages and keep up the grocery bill.

Cooking with garlic has never been simpler. Chefs just drop the garlic clove into the peeler and move it on the counter a few times. Amazingly, all of peel is evacuated. If you need to attempt another more helpful and simple way peel garlic cloves then you ought to attempt a cutting edge reduced garlic peeler which can be effectively found on the internet and there expense is additionally exceptionally proficient and the best thing is that these equipment are 100 percent safe and secure. You can spare a lot of time and time when you are using the machine, keeping in mind the end goal to peel the garlic cloves. Besides, the procedure of Garlic Peeler is likewise a wellspring of fun and uproots the bother free exercises in peeling the garlic.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Use Garlic Peelers For Easy Peeling Of Garlic Cloves

Do you love the tinge of garlic in your dishes? While some people use garlic for its taste, there are others who use garlic for its high nutritional value. So, what do you do when you have to peel off those difficult garlic cloves? Do you struggle to remove the skin with your hands and fingers, or do you use some other method? Well, we will discuss a very easy method over here, which will make the peeling of the skin very easy for you.

How to choose the best garlic peel remover?

There are garlic peelers available, which make the peeling a completely effortless job. These peelers work perfectly for recipes, which require sliced or whole cloves. They are priced reasonably, and give a lot of stress-relief to the chefs at home. There are many models available, and one can choose from them, based on the ease of use, peeling performance, and easier maintenance. Some of them are quite easy to clean up, and there are others, which peel the skin very quickly and effectively.

Choose the best

The best garlic peeler is the one, which removes the skin speedily, without actually bruising them, and it should be able to handle the cloves of all shapes and sizes.

Benefits of using garlic peeler:
  • It is very simple and fun to remove the skin from the garlic.
  • These are the necessary kitchen tools, which do not require lots of fuss. They work efficiently and effectively, and provide an easier way to peel the garlic.
  • These are less stressful, and even kids would be able to peel off the skin, without much efforts.
  • They are priced economically, and are quite affordable.
  • It can save your time and money, and you do not have to spend on expensive off-the-shelf peeled garlic cloves.
These were some of the useful benefits of using the garlic peeling equipment.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Find Out The Easiest Way To Peel Garlic Cloves

We all love to eat our food spiced up with garlic, right? But, to peel those garlic cloves is one of the biggest challenges. It not only brings tears to our eyes, but is also quite stressful. Even though, there are ready made garlic pastes available, and one can also find peeled garlic cloves, it does not give the same fresh taste. Also, these are quite expensive options. So, one should try to find out the easiest way to peel garlic cloves, so that the dishes are tastier and nutritious.

Though, there are many easy ways for peeling garlic cloves, one should adopt the method which best suits them. And, it depends whether one wants chopped garlic cloves or full cloves.

  • One can remove the cloves from the cluster with the help of finger-tips.
  • Remove the brown top from the clove, and slice them with the kitchen knife.
  • Or, you could also cut the cloves into halves, so that the skin removal becomes easier.
  • You can also give a firm and quick strike on the head of garlic cloves with your hand’s heel. This will produce a light crunch, and the skin can be easily removed from the clove.
  • There are also some easy peelers available, which make it easy to remove the outer skin, without much efforts.

These were some of the quick tips, and easy methods for removing the outer cover of garlic cloves. So, with all these easy methods, you can choose the easiest way to peel garlic cloves, which is not very stressful, and is quite effortless. Do not deprive your family from garlic enhanced dishes, just because you find it difficult to remove the skin. With the help of easy methods to remove the shells, you can incorporate garlic in your daily lives.

Garlic is one of the most nutritious herb, which can have various health benefits. People who consume garlic on a regular basis, will be able to control their cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. So, go ahead and get yourself a useful peeler or shaker, which will make garlic peeling an effortless and easy job.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Innovative Gadget To Peel Cloves Of Garlic Within A Short Span Of Time

Cooking during the mornings is one of the worst things according to many people. The main reason why people are so much concerned about cooking during the morning times is because of the fact that people are not getting enough time to prepare delicious dish for themselves and also for their family members. Moreover, people also feel bad if they are not cooking delicious dish in case when the food is being tasted by colleagues in office location. To make sure that people are preparing delicious food during the morning times within a short span of time, people must make use of the power of garlic. Garlic is one of the most important item in the spices that can able to provide food with unique taste that makes people to get mesmerize. Even though many people are very well aware of the fact that garlic can increase taste of the food, they are not willing to make use of it during the mornings as they feel that it is not an easy task to clear the cloves of garlic. Many people are also not known about the fact that how to peel garlic cloves in a safe manner. In the morning hurry, if people are taking garlic in their hand and try to peel them, sometimes they will also peel some parts of their skin along with the garlic skin. To make sure that such accidents are not taking place, people must make use of Garlic Shaker.

Best gadget to save valuable time during morning cooking

The Garlic Shaker is the only solution available as of now for people to quickly peel garlic during the morning times in a completely safe manner. The innovative device is designed in such a way that they will gyrate, rotate and put pressure on multiple points on the garlic to make sure that the cloves that are surrounding the core of the garlic is being disposed in a very safe manner inside the device. There is no electricity or any other mechanical force is required to quickly peel garlic skin. Only shaking the Garlic Shaker with hands is enough. Within a short span of time, people can now get rid of the garlic skin and that too in a natural way. The ergonomic design of the Garlic Shaker will make it very easy for people to use it and to take off the garlic core from the shaker. As there is no need to use any kind of sharp objects to remove the garlic skin, this Garlic Shaker can be used by children also as there is nothing hard that can affect the body is present in the Garlic Shaker. It will be a fun for children to help their mom to peel of the garlic skin with the help of Garlic Shaker. They can play with the Garlic Shaker by simply shaking it and get things done within few seconds like magic. They will also like to do this again and again as they will be overjoyed by seeing the results of their shaking activity.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Best Solution To Peel Surface Of Garlic Within A Short Span Of Time

Garlic is considered to be a wonder medicine for a number of problems that are present in our body starting from cold to various serious consequences. In the fast world that we are living, many people have forgotten the importance of garlic in their daily food. If people are not taking garlic regularly, they have to move to the place of doctor often and get treatment for the problems that are present in their body. In most of the cases, doctors are also recommending garlic based pills for their patients in verge of getting better health within a short span of time. Instead of taking garlic in the form of pills, it is a best thing for people to go for garlic in their day to day dishes and make sure that they are retaining the health of their family in a perfect way. During mornings, most of the working women try to make some exotic dishes for themselves and their family members. What happens most of the times is that they will not be able to make the toppings and taste to a perfect way without garlic. If people ignore the power of garlic in their daily food, they will lose the taste of the food they are cooking in a number of ways. Even though people are very well aware of the power of garlic, they are not willing to use it in their daily food because of the fact that the garlic core cannot be separated from its cloves easily.

Best Gadget For Best Result

There is no need for people to get concerned about anything else as there are some best solutions now available for people to quickly peel garlic within a short span of time. With the help of garlic peeling device, it is now very easy for housewives to peel the cloves of garlic within thirty to forty five seconds they have put down the raw garlic inside the peeler. There is no need to cut or do anything with the device. Just shaking the device for some seconds will do all the magic. When people pour out the garlic after they have done with the process of shaking, they will be getting fresh garlic with its skin peeled out in an elegant way within a short span of time. Thereafter, people can easily take out the garlic from the waste and make use of it for cooking. It will be very easy to separate the garlic core out of the cloves even though they fall together since the core of the garlic will be distinctly visible than compared to the cloves of garlic. There is no need to fear about any kind of side effects of using the device as there is nothing electrical or artificial is present inside the device. It is only the simple physics and some innovative brains behind the simple device. Not only adults, it is also possible for kids to make use of the device and quickly peel garlic within some seconds.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Make Your Life Easier With Easy Garlic Peeling

If there is one thing, which can bring tears in our eyes unintentionally, it is cutting onions and peeling garlic. In fact, most of us love the taste of garlic, but cringe at the thought of peeling them. Don’t we all wish that we could somehow get hold of a technique, which could give us peeled garlic cloves in minutes? Well, there is a technique, and that is known as the garlic shaker.

 Yes, our lives can be made easier, and one need not use their hands or knife to peel off the thick skin on garlic. With the help of the garlic shaker, one would be easily and safely able to peel off the skin, in incredible time. This small gadget has innumerable advantages, as you can find out from this article. We give below a list of steps, which can be followed for easy garlic peeling in a jiffy.
  • Break the head of the garlic. Separate all the cloves and remove them from each other.
  • Now, open the lid of the Garlic Shaker, and put these cloves into that.
  • Close the lid on the shaker.
  • Shake up the shaker vigorously for about 10 to 30 seconds.
  • And, that is all you need to do. This awesome garlic peeling machine will take care of the rest. Each of the clove will be peeled off, and will be ready to be used.

Garlic is one of the most nutritional herbs, and the dishes that are made out of them, are simply awesome. In fact, there are many dishes, which can be made with garlic, but all require the garlic to be peeled off first. Now, with the help of the easy garlic peeling by garlic shaker, you can live a much easier and healthier life. Peeling garlic becomes quite simple and fun activity, and your dishes are made more nutritional.

Benefits of using the Garlic Shaker

Once you start using the Garlic Shaker, you will not have to undergo the annoying and slow process. And, you need not use the dangerous knife, and face the danger of cutting your fingers. Also, if you are used to peeling the skin off with your fingers, we are sure, you would be aware of the nasty smell that it leaves on the fingers, for a long time. So, when you use the Garlic Shaker, you would be able to get freshly peeled garlic all the time, without any risks or injuries. The shaker is also quite easy to clean, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, as well. It has a neat, ergonomic design, which is quite easy to hold.

The Garlic Shaker is shipped free, if the order value is more than $100. Also, there is a money back guarantee of 30 days, and you can return it back, if you are not satisfied. Though, the last statement will not hold true, for sure. The satisfaction is guaranteed. So, get freshly peeled garlic with the help of this awesome shaker, and you will never have to worry about peeling the skin off, ever.

Friday, 2 October 2015

The Easiest Way To Remove Garlic Skin - Now, Say ‘No’ To Messy Hands!

It is not just me who is having a problem with peeling garlics. When I asked my friends and relatives, they too agreed that removing the garlic peel is messy and an irritating job. Normally I keep the garlic ready every Saturday so that I don’t have to fight with it every day. On Saturday’s when I get free time, I normally peel them and keep them ready to be used for the whole week.

Day one, the garlic is fresh, day two it’s still fresh and later the garlic becomes dry, loses its colour and finally on day five, it loses the smell, flavour and taste in spite of using the best container in the market! My days did not change and I was getting used to the flavourless garlics until I heard about garlic shaker from my friend. If I get a chance, I would like to meet the person who is responsible behind this awesome kitchen ‘gadget’. Yes, you read it right! I would like to call it as gadget because it does a smart work at the kitchen.

My hand doesn’t go messy and my nails don’t hurt and there is no flavourless garlic anymore. This simple technique helps me great at the kitchen. Whenever there is a need for me to use a garlic, I just pick up with garlic shaker from my shelves, put some garlic cloves inside and just shake them for few minutes. Alas! The garlic is peeled in just few minutes. If you peep in to my kitchen when I’m doing this, you can see me dancing “shake, shake and shake”.

I basically love cooking but after I started using garlic shaker, I have started loving it more and trying new recipes every day. Earlier I ignore a lot of recipes just because I had to use garlic but now, there is no chance of avoiding.I’m sure everyone will love this piece of gadget as it saves your time, doesn’t make it messy and it retains the flavour. This is a small gadget and it is enough if you can find a small place in your kitchen to keep them and use it as and when you need. Let’s forget the old messy style of peeling and start using the effective method to remove peels and use garlic!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Some Surprising Benefits of the Magical Herb Garlic

Garlic is really a magnificent herb that has several surprising health benefits. A lot of researches have proved those benefits. Most of the doctors prescribe garlic as a medicine to treat various diseases. It has been used as a food and medicine for more than six thousand years. It is closely related to the onion family. It was very firstly used in Ancient Egypt for culinary purposes. The Egyptians also used to worship the garlic. Now this is used by a number of people throughout the world. It is the best flavor for the seasoning of various foods. It is a very good herb to reduce the high blood pressure and also the high cholesterol, hence prevent the heart from serious heart diseases. 

Garlic is an all around health boosting herb. It helps to strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system makes the body capable enough to fight the several diseases. It is now one of our most medicinal h
erbs that is great in taste as well. You can use garlic in various cuisines. The regular consumption of garlic is very helpful to give you a naturally glowing skin. You can also treat the acne problem with the juice of fresh garlic. It acts as an amazing medicine to prevent the dandruff from your scalp. It also protects your scalp from other hair infections. 

There are several types of garlic supplements available in the market, but it is advisable to consume fresh garlic. As there is a long list of amazing benefits of garlic, a question has been become a buzz around the garlic lovers that “how to peel garlic quickly”? The people who peel the garlic cloves with their hands know how tedious this activity can be. 

Peeling garlic is an annoying activity that takes away most of the time from your cooking schedule. The long lasting smell of this strong herb can also bother you for a long time. It also makes the fingers sticky. Therefore, we are giving you some tips to peel garlic quickly, so that you can take benefit of this magical herb without wasting the time. You can peel garlic easily by microwaving it for a few seconds. Dry roasting of the garlic will easily remove the papery skin. If no microwave is there, then you can also dry roast the garlic in a skillet. Shaking the garlic cloves in a bowl that is covered with an another bowl will also peel them quickly. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Beneficial Tips to Preserve Garlic for Future Use

There are several ways you can preserve garlic for future uses. One of the most beneficial forms of preserved garlic is to use as oil. It is one of the most delicious flavored oil that can be used in many cuisines for dressing. There are many ways you can make the garlic oil easily at home. You can also buy it from stores as it is widely used for cooking purposes. You can use it as dipping oil for bread.  It can also be used for enhancing the taste of fish, meat and bread. It is widely used by professional chefs as it provides an appetizing taste various dishes.

Procedure to prepare the garlic oil:
As said earlier, there are several ways to prepare the garlic oil. However, the traditional way to prepare garlic oil is pretty simple. Flavored garlic oil should be used with proper care as it can lead to food poisoning. Therefore, place virgin oil in a transparent bottle and put some garlic cloves in it. Now seal the bottle air tight and keep it at room temperature for a few weeks. You can also keep the bottle in sun exposure for a few hours to accelerate the flavor. Once the flavor is accelerated, you should keep the bottle in the refrigerator to prevent the botulism.
Tips to Preserve Garlic:
It is pretty simple and easy to store garlic to attain its magical benefits. You should preserve garlic in flavor able conditions, so that you can take benefit of its healing properties. It can last for months, if you keep it properly at a right temperature. Wet garlic is easier to digest and tastier than the dry garlic. Only you need to keep it in the refrigerator, so that it can last longer. The life span of a garlic bulb reduced, when you remove the cloves from the bulb. Therefore, you need to keep them in plenty of fresh air, so that it can be prevented from the growth of sprouts. You should never keep them in a plastic bag to prevent the molds. 
The most annoying activity is peeling garlic cloves, as it snatches the crucial cooking time. Therefore, you can use a garlic peeler to peel garlic in an easy way. It is a simple tool that does not make you spend a lot. You can also dry roast the garlic cloves to peel them quickly. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Methods to quickly peel garlic cloves

We all found it tough and irritating peeling garlic with a knife as, it often slips off and sticky pigment get attach to our fingers. But, garlic is one the ingredients which add best taste to the dish. In few dishes we need full garlic bulb to be peeled or more than it. Well there are many ways for doing it but, few are mentioned below. 

It's easy to break the whole garlic bulb into cloves, but problem arises when we need to peel garlic cloves. Being common ingredient of all, we have numerous methods to quickly peel garlic like someone use knife or some cut off the root end of each clove. The another method is that place the sharp chef's knife flat on the clove then crush the clove. This will eventually break the skin of the clove and makes it much easier to peel. But, keep in mind that one should avoid ceramic knife for peeling purpose as, it can easily break and can harm you. 

Another comes the SHAKE TRICK. This trick is traditional act actually. In this trick you have to rub the cloves in between hands so that the paper gets release. By this you can easily remove the paper first and then cut the cloves as needed. Even if you have to use full bulb or more than that then you can also opt side knife press method. 

But still if you are not satisfied with all above methods then here is best alternate for you i.e GARLIC SHAKER : simply the best way to quickly peel garlic. It's quite simple to use and is regarded among cost effective product. You just have to follow the under given steps -:

1) Break the full garlic bulb into small cloves. Separate the cloves from the rest of the material.Add the cloves into your Garlic Shake.Close the lid. 
2) Now just shake it up for 30-40 seconds and GARLIC SHAKER will do its magic. It will peel all the cloves and make it ready to use. 
3) Open the lid of the shaker and pour out all the cloves. You will notice each garlic clove is peeled within few seconds. All the cloves are clean and ready to use. 

Well this is best and the quickest way of peeling the garlic. You can check more about this product from their official website i.e Garlicshaker.com. Garlic Shaker makes garlic peeling simple and fun. You just have to shake up an entire head of garlic and the skin comes right off!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Garlic Peeler: An Amazingly Cool Garlic Gadget

The botanical name of Garlic is Allium Satvium. It is a just a magnificent herb that is widely used as a flavoring in cooking. It has also been used as a medicine to cure many diseases throughout the ancient and modern history. It is also used to prevent the wide range of conditions. It belongs to the onion family. This herb was very firstly used in Ancient Egypt for culinary purposes.

Today, no kitchen is complete without the amazing pungent flavor of this magnificent herb. You will rarely find a dish that does not use garlic as a flavor. Therefore, it is widely used by the people throughout the world, whether it is a professional chef or a regular person in the kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen must have some garlic gadgets to quickly extract the amazing flavors of garlic. For example, to peel, chop and slice the garlic quickly. As peeling garlic with hands is an annoying and tedious activity. This activity can snatch most of the cooking time. Its long lasting and strong smell remains in your fingers for so long. It also creates stickiness in your fingers. So, we are introducing an amazingly cool gadget to peel garlic quickly. Its name is Garlic Peeler.

This square of rubber may not look much attractive, but it is one of the favorite garlic gadgets for the professional chefs. It is a single handedly tool that transforms the annoying activity of peeling garlic to easy breezy.

This amazing tool is genius in its simplicity. It is very simple to use. Just put the garlic cloves inside this rubber mat and roll it back and forth against the place you have placed this mat on. Also press down the cloves for a few times while rolling the mat. This process grips the papery skins of the garlic cloves and removes them without damaging the inner cloves. Now, you can unroll the mat and put the skins into the trash. Every time you use this mat, it works like a charm.

There is nothing special material with this mat. This is a simple rubber mat. If you have a rubber shelf-liner around, you can cut off a square form it and make your own garlic peeler. But if you want to purchase this gadget, you don’t need to worry about the price, because it is very inexpensive. So, If you are also a garlic lover and hates the tedious activity of peeling garlic with your hands, then bring out this amazing gadget in your home today itself.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Most Easiest and Ultimate Tricks to Peel the Garlic Cloves

Garlic is an exceptional herb from Onion family. It was first used in Ancient Egypt for some medical purposes. Now it has been spread all over the world because of its salutary and curative properties. It is a very common kitchen spice, which is used in numerous cuisines because of its amaze taste and health profits. But peeling the garlic can be a difficult and irritating work for someone who does not know the right tricks to peel it quickly. As peeling the garlic cloves one by one, snatches the precious cooking time. You can also feel the smell of garlic in your fingers for many hours after peeling it.

So, we are writing here the easiest ways to peel garlic cloves. You can use any one of them to peel the garlic quickly, without doing much effort.

  • The smartest way to peel garlic cloves is to peel with a garlic shaker or garlic peeler. It is a brilliant kitchen gadget that is very genius and simple to use. It is made up of a rubber tube. Just put the cloves of the garlic inside the tube. Now press the tube and roll it back and forth. It will remove the skin of garlic cloves easily. Also, it will not cost your pocket much. It really works with a grace every time.
  • Shaking the garlic cloves is another easiest and fastest way to peel them. You just need two bowls. Now put all the garlic cloves into one bowl and then envelope it with the other one. Shake them well for a few seconds. It will remove the garlic skin easily.
  • Knife is also a cool tool to peel the garlic cloves easily and quickly. Cut both the ends of the garlic clove and then put them under the knife. Now press the knife firmly. It will quickly remove the garlic skin.
  • Roasting the garlic cloves into the microwave for a few second also peel them easily and quickly. It is one of most fast ways to peel the garlic cloves.
  • If you do not have the microwave. Dry roasting of garlic cloves in a frying pan or skillet can be the best option to peel them. It will warm up the clove skin and remove it easily and instantly.

We hope these easy and effortless tips will help you a lot to work smartly in your kitchen. You can also let these tricks know to your friends and relatives, who do not like the long lasting smell of garlic in their fingers. They will definitely praise you for your smartness. So, use these tips and stay smart!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Health Benefits and Facts Remedies of Garlic

You will really feel amazed after knowing that the Garlic is containing such effective nutrients in it that are having the best beauty uses and repairs all our body parts in a healthier manner. As we all know that the Garlic is one of the most amazing ingredients that are utilized in the Indian recipes for sure. In spite of enhancing the flavors in the dishes, it contains the most powerful medicinal attributes that makes your body fit and healthy. In the ancient times, this while pod has been used by the people for the treatment of various ailments and it has been giving positive results on the health of the people. In the kitchen, it is one of the most common herbs that every person wants to add in their food items for enhancing the nutrition value and the flavors.

Let’s discuss some of the Benefits of Garlic in detail:

Specialty of Garlic: Garlic is containing the large varieties of effective sulphur compounds that are responsible for the pungent odor in it. The presence of the vital compound known as Allicin in it contains various amount of anti oxidant properties that fights against various infections in the body. The availability of other compounds such as Alliin, Ajoene and many others are having the most desirable healing effects that helps in lowering the blood pressure, healing properties and many others.

Prevention from the various infections: As we all know that the Garlic acts as the most powerful element that keeps the viral and bacterial infections away from our body. It is believed that the consumption of the fresh Garlic plays a vital role in getting rid of food poisoning by elimination of bacteria such as E-Coli and many others. If you are suffering from any infection relating to skin, then it is the best method to consume the Garlic as it is having the most wonderful anti bacterial attributes that makes the skin problem free. The presence of the chemical known as Ajoene in the Garlic helps in the treatment of various fungal infections such as ringworm and many others.

Control of the blood pressure level: Garlic is having the compound Allicin that help in controlling the functionality of protein that leads to the high blood pressure. In order to manage the blood pressure level, you need to add garlic in your food on a regular basis. It is the better thing if you eat the raw garlic that will really help you in maintaining the blood pressure level. With the passage of time, the parts of the body tend to lose their immunity and in such a case, it is very essential to consume Garlic on a daily basis that will maintain your elasticity in a well accomplished manner.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fresh Garlic acts as an All Rounder Booster for the Health

As we all know that the food will become more delicious when you are having the combination of the healthier and the tasty ingredients in it. Garlic is counted as one of the most wonderful herb that is having the strong flavored properties and looks like an onion. It is widely utilized in the field of cooking and also for the medicinal problems. If you are finding for the fresh garlic, then it can be easily found in the local grocery stores. Whether you purchase the fresh garlic from the stores or in your garden, the main thing is that you need to store it in a correct way that keep it long lasting and full of nutrition value.

For the storage of the Fresh Garlic, it is very important to buy the garlic that is having the attributes of freshness and firmness in it. The fresher is the garlic, the more it will last. There should be firmness in the garlic bulbs with dry skin and without any sprouting. You will not be able to store the soft garlic bulbs as it will be damaged very soon. Before storage, dry the homegrown garlic that will bring the long lasting flavor and you can use it even after a week.

The meal becomes more nutritious and aromatic, when you add the fresh garlic and it make the recipes yummier. On the other hand, if we talks about the healthy benefits of this wonderful herb, then you will be able to find large number of benefits that will maintain your health and boosts the immune system for fighting against the various infections and diseases.

Many people consider the method of peeling the garlic very complicated. But, with the advancement in technology, people will be able to avail the large options in kitchen appliances that provide more comfort and ease. The Garlic Shaker is one among them that is specially designed for peeling the fresh garlic more effectively and in a well established manner. Such kind of innovative techniques provides a lot of easier services to the customers in gaining the healthy benefits of the garlic.

Fresh Garlic acts as a fantastic seasoning that enhances the aroma and nutrition value to the recipe. It is best recommended to make use of the chopped garlic in your food to get the best advantages of the herb. In case, you do not like the raw garlic, then you can make use of it after chopping it. The best strategy is to add this healthy herb it your food on a regular basis for gaining the maximum nutrition value and the flavors.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Awesome Taste of Garlic White Wine Sauce

Garlic is such a unique ingredient that is well liked by everyone. It is added in almost every recipe for enhancing its taste and flavors. You can make different kind of sauces of Garlic that you can have with Pasta, Pizza and many other food stuffs. Among all the sauces, the garlic white wine sauce seems to be more amazing and add more delicious taste in the food. The Pasta will become more spectacular when you are having this sauce well prepared in front of you. The recipe will surely give you mouth watering result. In order to prepare the recipe, you need to have the following mentioned ingredients such as:

  • Olive oil- 1 tbsp
  • Fresh garlic-1tbsp
  • Tarragon- 1 tbsp
  • Slices of mushrooms-8 ounces
  • Half cup of dry white wine
  • Flour-1 tbsp
  • Chicken broth- half cup
  • Black pepper- one eighth teaspoon

Cooking Guidelines
After collecting all the ingredients at one place, you need to follow certain cooking instructions. First of all peel the garlic by putting the garlic cloves into the Garlic shaker machine. Close the lid of the machine and after shaking for few seconds, you will be able to get the peeled garlic in a much effective manner. Take the large saucepan and put some olive oil and then garlic is sautéed for few minutes till it becomes brown and fragrant. The Mushrooms and the Tarragon are added in the pan and cook it for some minutes, till the mushroom become dark in appearance. The white wine and the simmer are splashed for one minute. By adding the flour, stir the mixture for one minute. Keep on stirring the sauce, till it become thick. After the sauce has become thicker, pour the sauce over paste or any other food item and enjoy it with full fun and excitement.

The garlic white wine sauce recipe will surely make your day more beautiful and you will surely eager to prepare it on any weekend. The white wine full of fantastic fragrance will help in keeping the item in low calories, but you can find a rich source of flavors and essential nutrients in it. You will be able to get delicious recipe along with the complete nutrition value that will make you healthier. So, it is the best option to try the recipe at home rather than going out. The recipe is very simple; you just need to have the essential ingredients that will make it more unique and tasteful.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to prepare garlic bread pizza recipe?

Garlic is such a wonderful ingredient that is most common used in every recipe for adding the taste and flavors and enhancing the health benefits in the food. A large number of peoples are passionate in having the garlic bread pizza and they are eager to know regarding how to prepare the recipe in a more delicious manner. The main ingredients that are used for the preparation of the garlic bread pizza recipe are as follows:

  • Basic pizza dough
  • Butter in the quantity of 50-70 grams.
  • One fourth cup olive oil.
  • Crushed and peeled garlic cloves.
  • Sea salt.

For giving best base for the garlic pizza bread, try to blend the butter and olive oil simultaneously. You can also add the herbs like basil leaves, parsley, curry powder and many others. It will add more taste in the recipe and you will surely enjoy the recipe with your loved ones.

Methods to prepare the recipe:

  • First of all, collect all the ingredients into one mixing bowl. Pour the warm water over the base ingredients and mix together with the spoon till the mixture appears together. For preparing the pizza dough, try to make use of the warm water only as it is well liked by the yeast.
  • Add the salt, oil and the flour in half quantity and mix them all. Add little bit flour until there appears consistency in the pizza dough. When you touch the dough, it will not stick to the hands. The dough should have the smoothness, so that there will be not any problem in using it. Keep the bowl in a clean condition.
  • When you get your dough ready, divide into various parts and place all the parts on the baking tray. The garlic butter mixture will be put over the bread and sprinkle salt over it. The pizza wheels can be used for cutting the mixture into wedges.
  • If you want crisper bread, cook the mixture for some more minutes. For getting hot and golden look of the bread, cook at 230 degree over the oven for a time of 5-6 minutes.
  • The butter, olive oil and the garlic are processed together in a food processor till it becomes smoother. The garlic is mashed to form a paste and add a pinch of salt in it and beat the garlic paste with oil and butter till it becomes smooth.

This is the wonderful recipe that you can enjoy with your family members at home, rather than going to the restaurants.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Know What Type of Garlic You Are Using

Garlic Facts

Garlic, also called Allium sativum is belonging to the Alliaceae family similar to chives, leek, as well as onions. The herb that is usually related to the word garlic is actually the garlic cloves which are found underground, under the leafy, scallion-like growth.

There are two types of garlic -- hardneck and softneck. One major difference is usually that hardneck garlic encloses a scape, a different edible section of the garlic plant. Actually, the scape isn't well known in America, probably because almost all garlic planted for commercial reason is softneck.

Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

• Garlic may have antiviral attributes, which aids the body to counter allergies. Quickly take a capsule of garlic supplement per day 2 to 3 weeks ahead of the regular allergy season commences.

• Garlic's antibacterial benefits make it an ideal healing for coughs and various other throat irritations. Garlic varieties also can lessen the severeness of upper respiratory tract infections. Probably the most common illnesses garlic has long been touted to cure is the cold. During the starting point of the sniffles, most people testify that taking a clove or even more of fresh garlic eliminates them.

• What is confirmed is that garlic harbors the ability to lessen the development of cancerous cells. The herb is said to actually stop cancer causing elements from developing, and slow the progress of tumor cells. It is typically beneficial in obstructing oesophagal, breast, prostate, bladder and stomach cancer. Analysis has proven that elements in garlic not merely slow the speed of development in a tumor, but may also minimize the size of tumor by 50%. These elements can avoid carcinogens from hanging to breast cells. And these substances are diallye disulphide along with s-allycystein.

• Garlic is said to control blood sugar levels simply by raising the generation of insulin in diabetes patients. Hence an effective treatment is to eat you tablet of garlic daily.

• Clinical studies have demonstrated that those who have hypertension who consumed garlic pills daily for approximately five months decreased their blood pressure as effectively as persons taking blood pressure prescriptions.

• Studies have indicated that having 600 to 900 mg of garlic every day brings down cholesterol levels and decreases arterial plaque creation by 5-18%. Hence, a highly effective natural healing is to have one garlic capsule (600-900mg) once daily.

• Garlic's antibacterial, analgesic, along with anesthetizing benefits help cure toothaches. Simply place a bit of garlic oil or perhaps a bit of crushed garlic clove immediately onto the troubled tooth and the gum for fast relief.

• Garlic's ability to battle infections and bacteria helps it be a highly effective cure for warts and some other skin diseases.

Buying Tips of Garlic

Select garlic which is plump and with unbroken skin. Slowly squeeze the bulb using your fingers to find out whether it feels sturdy and just isn't damp. Steer clear of garlic that is shriveled, moldy and soft. These are usually symptoms of decay which will result in unfavorable flavor and texture. Size is 
usually not a sign of quality. In case your recipe needs a large number of garlic, it is often better to peel and cut a few much larger cloves in comparison with lots of smaller ones.

Storing Tips of Garlic

Place fresh garlic uncovered in a dark and cool place away from exposure to warmth and sunlight. This may help keep its optimum freshness and help stop sprouting, which diminishes its flavor and results in too much waste. It is definitely not needed to refrigerate garlic. A number of people freeze peeled garlic; anyway, this method diminishes its flavor profile and also changes its 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How to easily peel garlic?

In order to prepare any recipe, there is the requirement to peel the Garlic and in case, if you are in a requirement of large number of peeled garlic, then the job will be more tedious. So, everybody wants that there should be sort of technique that will just create the miracle in peeling the Garlic in a more systematic manner. People normally consider the peeling approach with the traditional method as quite more time consuming. Here, comes the best trick that explains you how to easily peel garlic in a more easy way. It is possible that peeling of one pound of Garlic can be done within a few minutes. There are large numbers of peelers that are available in the market. Garlic Shaker is one of the most desirable and effective machine that helps in doing this job in a more dynamic and quick way. The product is just a fabulous technique that solves all the problems of the people who are really irritated with the peeling of garlic manually. 

For peeling the garlic in an accurate machine, firstly, you are required to add the garlic head into the miraculous machine known as Garlic Shaker. Then, close the lids of the shaker. By shaking the machine for few seconds, you are able to get peeled clove and now, you can use the clove in your recipes. The food will become more nutritious and balanced with the addition of Garlic in it. By opening the lid of the shaker, the peeled garlic will be ready for utilization. Such type of strategy is really wonderful that can really be beneficial for cooks, who are required to make the food in bulk. So, the technique will save a lot of time and add more flavor in their variety of dishes. With the advent of the machine, the activities in the kitchen are now become easier and highly appreciable. It is one of the most fantastic branded products that are having its own popularity and its demand is increasing due to its effective features.

Now, you can easily enjoy the freshness of the healthy plant with the purchase of the beautiful kitchen appliance that can provide guaranteed satisfaction along with the comfort level zone. Moreover, the machine is very affordable and everybody can buy it without thinking too much. So, add it in your kitchen and peel the garlic in a more dynamic way. The technique does not require any participation of the dangerous appliance such as knife. The designing of the machine is done in such a way that supports the easier functionality of peeling the Garlic in a well accomplished manner.