Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Make Your Life Easier With Easy Garlic Peeling

If there is one thing, which can bring tears in our eyes unintentionally, it is cutting onions and peeling garlic. In fact, most of us love the taste of garlic, but cringe at the thought of peeling them. Don’t we all wish that we could somehow get hold of a technique, which could give us peeled garlic cloves in minutes? Well, there is a technique, and that is known as the garlic shaker.

 Yes, our lives can be made easier, and one need not use their hands or knife to peel off the thick skin on garlic. With the help of the garlic shaker, one would be easily and safely able to peel off the skin, in incredible time. This small gadget has innumerable advantages, as you can find out from this article. We give below a list of steps, which can be followed for easy garlic peeling in a jiffy.
  • Break the head of the garlic. Separate all the cloves and remove them from each other.
  • Now, open the lid of the Garlic Shaker, and put these cloves into that.
  • Close the lid on the shaker.
  • Shake up the shaker vigorously for about 10 to 30 seconds.
  • And, that is all you need to do. This awesome garlic peeling machine will take care of the rest. Each of the clove will be peeled off, and will be ready to be used.

Garlic is one of the most nutritional herbs, and the dishes that are made out of them, are simply awesome. In fact, there are many dishes, which can be made with garlic, but all require the garlic to be peeled off first. Now, with the help of the easy garlic peeling by garlic shaker, you can live a much easier and healthier life. Peeling garlic becomes quite simple and fun activity, and your dishes are made more nutritional.

Benefits of using the Garlic Shaker

Once you start using the Garlic Shaker, you will not have to undergo the annoying and slow process. And, you need not use the dangerous knife, and face the danger of cutting your fingers. Also, if you are used to peeling the skin off with your fingers, we are sure, you would be aware of the nasty smell that it leaves on the fingers, for a long time. So, when you use the Garlic Shaker, you would be able to get freshly peeled garlic all the time, without any risks or injuries. The shaker is also quite easy to clean, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, as well. It has a neat, ergonomic design, which is quite easy to hold.

The Garlic Shaker is shipped free, if the order value is more than $100. Also, there is a money back guarantee of 30 days, and you can return it back, if you are not satisfied. Though, the last statement will not hold true, for sure. The satisfaction is guaranteed. So, get freshly peeled garlic with the help of this awesome shaker, and you will never have to worry about peeling the skin off, ever.

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