Friday, 2 October 2015

The Easiest Way To Remove Garlic Skin - Now, Say ‘No’ To Messy Hands!

It is not just me who is having a problem with peeling garlics. When I asked my friends and relatives, they too agreed that removing the garlic peel is messy and an irritating job. Normally I keep the garlic ready every Saturday so that I don’t have to fight with it every day. On Saturday’s when I get free time, I normally peel them and keep them ready to be used for the whole week.

Day one, the garlic is fresh, day two it’s still fresh and later the garlic becomes dry, loses its colour and finally on day five, it loses the smell, flavour and taste in spite of using the best container in the market! My days did not change and I was getting used to the flavourless garlics until I heard about garlic shaker from my friend. If I get a chance, I would like to meet the person who is responsible behind this awesome kitchen ‘gadget’. Yes, you read it right! I would like to call it as gadget because it does a smart work at the kitchen.

My hand doesn’t go messy and my nails don’t hurt and there is no flavourless garlic anymore. This simple technique helps me great at the kitchen. Whenever there is a need for me to use a garlic, I just pick up with garlic shaker from my shelves, put some garlic cloves inside and just shake them for few minutes. Alas! The garlic is peeled in just few minutes. If you peep in to my kitchen when I’m doing this, you can see me dancing “shake, shake and shake”.

I basically love cooking but after I started using garlic shaker, I have started loving it more and trying new recipes every day. Earlier I ignore a lot of recipes just because I had to use garlic but now, there is no chance of avoiding.I’m sure everyone will love this piece of gadget as it saves your time, doesn’t make it messy and it retains the flavour. This is a small gadget and it is enough if you can find a small place in your kitchen to keep them and use it as and when you need. Let’s forget the old messy style of peeling and start using the effective method to remove peels and use garlic!

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