Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Garlic Peeler: An Amazingly Cool Garlic Gadget

The botanical name of Garlic is Allium Satvium. It is a just a magnificent herb that is widely used as a flavoring in cooking. It has also been used as a medicine to cure many diseases throughout the ancient and modern history. It is also used to prevent the wide range of conditions. It belongs to the onion family. This herb was very firstly used in Ancient Egypt for culinary purposes.

Today, no kitchen is complete without the amazing pungent flavor of this magnificent herb. You will rarely find a dish that does not use garlic as a flavor. Therefore, it is widely used by the people throughout the world, whether it is a professional chef or a regular person in the kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen must have some garlic gadgets to quickly extract the amazing flavors of garlic. For example, to peel, chop and slice the garlic quickly. As peeling garlic with hands is an annoying and tedious activity. This activity can snatch most of the cooking time. Its long lasting and strong smell remains in your fingers for so long. It also creates stickiness in your fingers. So, we are introducing an amazingly cool gadget to peel garlic quickly. Its name is Garlic Peeler.

This square of rubber may not look much attractive, but it is one of the favorite garlic gadgets for the professional chefs. It is a single handedly tool that transforms the annoying activity of peeling garlic to easy breezy.

This amazing tool is genius in its simplicity. It is very simple to use. Just put the garlic cloves inside this rubber mat and roll it back and forth against the place you have placed this mat on. Also press down the cloves for a few times while rolling the mat. This process grips the papery skins of the garlic cloves and removes them without damaging the inner cloves. Now, you can unroll the mat and put the skins into the trash. Every time you use this mat, it works like a charm.

There is nothing special material with this mat. This is a simple rubber mat. If you have a rubber shelf-liner around, you can cut off a square form it and make your own garlic peeler. But if you want to purchase this gadget, you don’t need to worry about the price, because it is very inexpensive. So, If you are also a garlic lover and hates the tedious activity of peeling garlic with your hands, then bring out this amazing gadget in your home today itself.

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