Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Most Easiest and Ultimate Tricks to Peel the Garlic Cloves

Garlic is an exceptional herb from Onion family. It was first used in Ancient Egypt for some medical purposes. Now it has been spread all over the world because of its salutary and curative properties. It is a very common kitchen spice, which is used in numerous cuisines because of its amaze taste and health profits. But peeling the garlic can be a difficult and irritating work for someone who does not know the right tricks to peel it quickly. As peeling the garlic cloves one by one, snatches the precious cooking time. You can also feel the smell of garlic in your fingers for many hours after peeling it.

So, we are writing here the easiest ways to peel garlic cloves. You can use any one of them to peel the garlic quickly, without doing much effort.

  • The smartest way to peel garlic cloves is to peel with a garlic shaker or garlic peeler. It is a brilliant kitchen gadget that is very genius and simple to use. It is made up of a rubber tube. Just put the cloves of the garlic inside the tube. Now press the tube and roll it back and forth. It will remove the skin of garlic cloves easily. Also, it will not cost your pocket much. It really works with a grace every time.
  • Shaking the garlic cloves is another easiest and fastest way to peel them. You just need two bowls. Now put all the garlic cloves into one bowl and then envelope it with the other one. Shake them well for a few seconds. It will remove the garlic skin easily.
  • Knife is also a cool tool to peel the garlic cloves easily and quickly. Cut both the ends of the garlic clove and then put them under the knife. Now press the knife firmly. It will quickly remove the garlic skin.
  • Roasting the garlic cloves into the microwave for a few second also peel them easily and quickly. It is one of most fast ways to peel the garlic cloves.
  • If you do not have the microwave. Dry roasting of garlic cloves in a frying pan or skillet can be the best option to peel them. It will warm up the clove skin and remove it easily and instantly.

We hope these easy and effortless tips will help you a lot to work smartly in your kitchen. You can also let these tricks know to your friends and relatives, who do not like the long lasting smell of garlic in their fingers. They will definitely praise you for your smartness. So, use these tips and stay smart!

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