Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Methods to quickly peel garlic cloves

We all found it tough and irritating peeling garlic with a knife as, it often slips off and sticky pigment get attach to our fingers. But, garlic is one the ingredients which add best taste to the dish. In few dishes we need full garlic bulb to be peeled or more than it. Well there are many ways for doing it but, few are mentioned below. 

It's easy to break the whole garlic bulb into cloves, but problem arises when we need to peel garlic cloves. Being common ingredient of all, we have numerous methods to quickly peel garlic like someone use knife or some cut off the root end of each clove. The another method is that place the sharp chef's knife flat on the clove then crush the clove. This will eventually break the skin of the clove and makes it much easier to peel. But, keep in mind that one should avoid ceramic knife for peeling purpose as, it can easily break and can harm you. 

Another comes the SHAKE TRICK. This trick is traditional act actually. In this trick you have to rub the cloves in between hands so that the paper gets release. By this you can easily remove the paper first and then cut the cloves as needed. Even if you have to use full bulb or more than that then you can also opt side knife press method. 

But still if you are not satisfied with all above methods then here is best alternate for you i.e GARLIC SHAKER : simply the best way to quickly peel garlic. It's quite simple to use and is regarded among cost effective product. You just have to follow the under given steps -:

1) Break the full garlic bulb into small cloves. Separate the cloves from the rest of the material.Add the cloves into your Garlic Shake.Close the lid. 
2) Now just shake it up for 30-40 seconds and GARLIC SHAKER will do its magic. It will peel all the cloves and make it ready to use. 
3) Open the lid of the shaker and pour out all the cloves. You will notice each garlic clove is peeled within few seconds. All the cloves are clean and ready to use. 

Well this is best and the quickest way of peeling the garlic. You can check more about this product from their official website i.e Garlicshaker.com. Garlic Shaker makes garlic peeling simple and fun. You just have to shake up an entire head of garlic and the skin comes right off!

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