Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Beneficial Tips to Preserve Garlic for Future Use

There are several ways you can preserve garlic for future uses. One of the most beneficial forms of preserved garlic is to use as oil. It is one of the most delicious flavored oil that can be used in many cuisines for dressing. There are many ways you can make the garlic oil easily at home. You can also buy it from stores as it is widely used for cooking purposes. You can use it as dipping oil for bread.  It can also be used for enhancing the taste of fish, meat and bread. It is widely used by professional chefs as it provides an appetizing taste various dishes.

Procedure to prepare the garlic oil:
As said earlier, there are several ways to prepare the garlic oil. However, the traditional way to prepare garlic oil is pretty simple. Flavored garlic oil should be used with proper care as it can lead to food poisoning. Therefore, place virgin oil in a transparent bottle and put some garlic cloves in it. Now seal the bottle air tight and keep it at room temperature for a few weeks. You can also keep the bottle in sun exposure for a few hours to accelerate the flavor. Once the flavor is accelerated, you should keep the bottle in the refrigerator to prevent the botulism.
Tips to Preserve Garlic:
It is pretty simple and easy to store garlic to attain its magical benefits. You should preserve garlic in flavor able conditions, so that you can take benefit of its healing properties. It can last for months, if you keep it properly at a right temperature. Wet garlic is easier to digest and tastier than the dry garlic. Only you need to keep it in the refrigerator, so that it can last longer. The life span of a garlic bulb reduced, when you remove the cloves from the bulb. Therefore, you need to keep them in plenty of fresh air, so that it can be prevented from the growth of sprouts. You should never keep them in a plastic bag to prevent the molds. 
The most annoying activity is peeling garlic cloves, as it snatches the crucial cooking time. Therefore, you can use a garlic peeler to peel garlic in an easy way. It is a simple tool that does not make you spend a lot. You can also dry roast the garlic cloves to peel them quickly. 

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