Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to prepare garlic bread pizza recipe?

Garlic is such a wonderful ingredient that is most common used in every recipe for adding the taste and flavors and enhancing the health benefits in the food. A large number of peoples are passionate in having the garlic bread pizza and they are eager to know regarding how to prepare the recipe in a more delicious manner. The main ingredients that are used for the preparation of the garlic bread pizza recipe are as follows:

  • Basic pizza dough
  • Butter in the quantity of 50-70 grams.
  • One fourth cup olive oil.
  • Crushed and peeled garlic cloves.
  • Sea salt.

For giving best base for the garlic pizza bread, try to blend the butter and olive oil simultaneously. You can also add the herbs like basil leaves, parsley, curry powder and many others. It will add more taste in the recipe and you will surely enjoy the recipe with your loved ones.

Methods to prepare the recipe:

  • First of all, collect all the ingredients into one mixing bowl. Pour the warm water over the base ingredients and mix together with the spoon till the mixture appears together. For preparing the pizza dough, try to make use of the warm water only as it is well liked by the yeast.
  • Add the salt, oil and the flour in half quantity and mix them all. Add little bit flour until there appears consistency in the pizza dough. When you touch the dough, it will not stick to the hands. The dough should have the smoothness, so that there will be not any problem in using it. Keep the bowl in a clean condition.
  • When you get your dough ready, divide into various parts and place all the parts on the baking tray. The garlic butter mixture will be put over the bread and sprinkle salt over it. The pizza wheels can be used for cutting the mixture into wedges.
  • If you want crisper bread, cook the mixture for some more minutes. For getting hot and golden look of the bread, cook at 230 degree over the oven for a time of 5-6 minutes.
  • The butter, olive oil and the garlic are processed together in a food processor till it becomes smoother. The garlic is mashed to form a paste and add a pinch of salt in it and beat the garlic paste with oil and butter till it becomes smooth.

This is the wonderful recipe that you can enjoy with your family members at home, rather than going to the restaurants.

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