Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Five Easy Tricks To Peel Your Garlic Clove

Garlic is a super food which brings immense taste to the dish and as well boosts good health. The health benefits in garlic are immense and so people use them almost in every dish. However, the main problem is to peel them. In these busy scheduled days, it is not that easy to tackle them as peeling the garlic is really a hectic process. When we don’t have enough time, this peeling work will really bother us and irritate every fresh mornings and of course any part of the day.

Here are the few simple ways which are tried by most of the people and are successful. Just remember them and you will be happily cooking 

Trick 1

Start the peeling process by removing one clove from garlic. Then cut it into half through peel. By doing this, your clove will easily come through the peel. If you feel the other half of the clove is rigid and not coming, then you may cut the head of the clove and now you can slice them of your required size.

Trick 2

If you have a micro wave at your house, then you are the lucky one as the cloves can be kept in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Then it will be very easy to peel any number of cloves with ease.

Trick 3

You may place the cloves in the hot water and leave them there for few minutes. If you want to them to be raw place them in the cool water immediately so that they won’t get cooked. And here peeling the skin will be very easier once you take from the hot water.

Trick 4

This is the old traditional methods, it is when you find that your garlic cloves are long enough, and then you can take one and twist it. By doing so you may here the paper on it gets toured and this gives a way to peel the clove easily.

Trick 5

The other easier trick is keep the garlic cloves detaching from the root and then shake them vigorously for 2 minutes. This way you may easily peel the garlic.

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