Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pickle Garlic Easily With These Tips

An innovative addition to any relish tray, pickled garlic can also be used to spice up many sauces and other recipes. It tastes sweeter than raw or cooked garlic. It's relatively easy to make at home using fresh garlic cloves in good condition. Like other relishes, it can be purchased ready-to-eat from many specialty stores. Pickled garlic comes in jars and can be found in a variety of flavors, such as spicy, mild, and habanero, as well as plain.

For those who are particularly adventurous in the kitchen, pickled garlic can also be made at home. The preparation time is minimal, but the soaking of the garlic lengthens the project. Recipes vary depending on the specific tastes of the cook, but most follow the same basic structure.

The garlic should be peeled before it is pickled. Only clean, fresh cloves of garlic should be used to make pickled garlic. Before beginning the pickling process, a cook should examine each clove and discard any that have brown spots or blemishes, are soft and rotted, or are beginning to grow a sprout in the center for peeling garlic easily all you need is a garlic shaker just put garlic inside the shaker and shake it for 0066ew seconds.


Next, bring six parts white vinegar and one part white sugar to a boil in a large saucepan. Blanching the unpeeled cloves for 30 seconds to 1 minute makes removing the papery skins easier. As the cloves need to be whole or nearly whole when pickled for aesthetic reasons, a cook shouldn't smash the cloves with a knife to remove the peels. Another way to remove the peels is with a vegetable peeler. Other ingredients, such as dill, celery seed, or peppers, can be added during the boiling stage to achieve a different flavor.

Once the mixture has boiled a second time, the cook should take it off the heat and let it sit for a day at room temperature. When the vinegar and peeled garlic mixture has rested for a day, the cook should then pour it into a clean glass jar, cover it with a lid, and store in the refrigerator. Once the jars have been filled, seal them and store them in the refrigerator. In approximately three weeks, you will have your own home-made pickled garlic.

Pickled garlic is not only a delicious treat for garlic lovers. Today, garlic has been proven to contribute to cardiovascular health and to boost the immune system. Historically, garlic has been used to treat arthritis, freckles, and cancer. Like fresh garlic, pickled garlic also has a variety of health benefits.

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